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Carp also affect all water users, including irrigators, local communities and those who use our waterways for recreation.
The researchers found that carp tended to aggregate in shallow areas close to shore during the Spawn Period in May and June.
Cardiff anglers Colm Davies and Jordan Pearce landed carp to 8lb; Tonypandy visitor Mike Evans played in eight fish to 10lb and Geoff Pugh, from Pencoed, topped off his catch with a 12lb carp.
From an angling point of view, there is no doubt that those who wrote down carp were the ones who knew their fishand gave what should have been the correct answer.
BANNISTER FARM, Southport, 01704 821474: There is decent fishing on all the lakes, but the match canal produced a top weight of 96lb this week, comprising chub and carp on pellet.
Keywords: European carp, introduced species, feral animals, pest control, environmental degradation, Daughterless Carp Project, genetic manipulation.
In his 1998 book, Family Matters, Wayne Carp modestly claims he is not writing a history of American adoption.
There are still some places available for the Tony Smith Memorial carp match at White Springs on the weekend of August 8-10.
Bighead, silver, and black carp were originally stocked into ponds on fish farms in the South as biological controls.
Our efforts to date have prevented Asian Carp species, including Grass Carp, from establishing in the Great Lakes system.