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Despite the rich tradition of the American common school and its value to our country (remember Commager's "our schools have kept us free"), the reader of the The Dissenting Tradition would do well to pay attention to the lessons from dissenters Carper and Hunt believe we should observe.
For these and other reasons, educational history in general and Carper and Hunt's The Dissenting Tradition in particular can be quite instructive.
This spring, Carper paid two visits, the more recent of which was to The UPS Store of Ocean View, Del., where he presented UPS Centennial pen sets to store owners Joan and John Barrett.
Carper's bill, the Clean Air Planning Act of 2007, limits carbon dioxide emissions from power plants to 2006 levels by 2012 and to 2001 levels by 2015, and then reduces them 1% annually from 2016 to 2019 and 1.5% percent annually beginning in 2020.
Jones first worked for Carper as governor, and came to Washington in 2000 when his boss was elected to the Senate.
and the world economy." She adds, "We are thrilled with the response of Congress to this effort and are grateful for the leadership of Senators Snowe and Carper."
Carper explains that promoting the merger of team play and individual contribution allows team members to "pursue parallel paths simultaneously rather than being limited by a single, linear path in new product development."
She later married Robert "Bob" Carper in Springfield on Jan.
article's second half was devoted entirely to Carper's poetry.
Tom Carper, D-Del., was serving as presiding officer of the Senate when he recognized the "senator from Vermont." Unfortunately, the senator he was trying to recognize was none other than New Hampshire Sen.
- The first lady of Delaware, Martha Carper, joined other dignitaries and Rite Aid Corp.
These represent only a small portion of the copious doses of information Carper's book contains.