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I can't have a carriage without its costing ever so much.
Sometimes on summer afternoons she came out of the house and got into her carriage.
Mary saw that it was a smart carriage and that it was a smart footman who helped her in.
Ahead of the carriage, Captain Wragge saw a long dark line against the sky -the line of the sea-wall which protects the low coast of Essex from inundation.
The sunset struck so brilliantly into the travelling carriage when it gained the hill-top, that its occupant was steeped in crimson.
Driven by famine and despair, these poor wretches must have rifled the carriage before de Sucy reached it.
I suspect," said he, "a tall, dark man, of lofty carriage, who has the air of a great lord.
Their toilet finished, they descended; the carriage awaited them at the door, filled with sweetmeats and bouquets.
Just as the court was settling down in the cathedral, a carriage, bearing the arms of Comminges, quitted the line of the court carriages and proceeded slowly to the end of the Rue Saint Christophe, now entirely deserted.
All the skill and exertions of Antonio to prevent their backing was useless, and carriage and horses would inevitably have gone off the bank together, had not Charles, with admirable presence of mind, opened a door, and springing out, placed a billet of wood, which had been used as a base for a lever in lifting the broken wagon, under one of the wheels.
Monsieur," said the king, "you will please to ride on till you see a carriage coming; then return and inform me.
So Chanticleer began to build a little carriage of nutshells: and when it was finished, Partlet jumped into it and sat down, and bid Chanticleer harness himself to it and draw her home.