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That's because a gun carried along the waist is both easy to conceal and readily accessible.
On Sunday, PIA flight from Islamabad PK 2152 carried 503 intending pilgrims, second flight from Islamabad PK 2955 carried 500, from Peshawar PK 2653 carried 328 and from Lahore PK 2255 carried 501 intending pilgrims to the holy land.
He said that on Sunday, PIA flight from Islamabad PK 2139 carried 503 intending pilgrims, from Peshawar PK 2639 carried 329 intending pilgrims, second flight from Peshawar PK 2041 carried 329 pilgrims, from Sialkot PK 2339 carried 502 and from Quetta PK 2741 carried 318 intending pilgrims to the Holy Land.
11 : to present to the public <The story was carried on the evening news.
However, any excess charitable deduction is automatically carried forward for use in each of the next five tax years, after which any remaining unused deduction is lost; see Sec.
One offender stated that he had several friends who carried firearms in their jacket hoods.
Treat Stinson had 116 yards on 24 carries and Marshall Mora carried nine times for 86 yards and a touchdown for Quartz Hill.
Most genetic elements carried by these bacteria are linear with covalently closed termini or telomeres (27).
For many years the public debate about which theory to credit was carried out either by a priori reasoning or, worse, through weak and often tendentious small-scale studies, many of them sponsored by openly results-oriented grantors at the U.
To Anderson and other ozone investigators, the missions carried out by that NASA ER-2 demonstrated the scientific value of high-altitude aircraft.
For instance, if the tax benefits of future deductible amounts would not qualify for recognition because the future deductible amounts clearly could not offset future taxable amounts or be carried back to recover taxes paid, such future deductible amounts could be excluded from the scheduling process.
Additional files and personal accessories can be carried in the back slip pocket.