carry conviction

See: convince
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Send a telegram for the palace here which will carry conviction with it."
It was a private resolution of hers, not communicated to himor at least not communicated in a way to carry conviction. Till yesterday, I know he said he was in the dark as to her plans.
To secure success, it was necessary that some steps should be seriously taken, and it was necessary also that the superintendent should comprehend the serious position in which he was placed, in order to yield compliance with the generous fancies of a woman; all the fascinations of an eloquent friendship would be required to persuade him, and, should this be insufficient, the maddening influence of a devoted passion, which, in its resolute determination to carry conviction, would not be turned aside.
I told Rattray every syllable that these traitors had been saying behind his back, but I told it all very ill; what was worse, and made me worse, I was only too well aware of my own failure to carry conviction with my words.
"The wealth and precision of detail will carry conviction to the great mass of the public," advanced the Assistant Commissioner gently.
Then would the inferior Barnacles exclaim, obeying orders,'Hear, Hear, Hear!' and 'Read!' Then would the noble or right honourable Barnacle perceive, sir, from this little document, which he thought might carry conviction even to the perversest mind (Derisive laughter and cheering from the Barnacle fry), that within the short compass of the last financial half- year, this much-maligned Department (Cheers) had written and received fifteen thousand letters (Loud cheers), had written twenty-four thousand minutes (Louder cheers), and thirty-two thousand five hundred and seventeen memoranda (Vehement cheering).
The landlady, a motherly body, of visible excellence, was surprised indeed at receiving an application for the winter months; but I have generally found that the title of "author," claimed with an air, explains every little innocent irregularity of conduct or appearance, and even requires something of the kind to carry conviction to the lay intelligence.
You must assert that in such words as will carry conviction with them.
228), does not carry conviction, as if he was weighed down by the unforeseen setba.
The Prime Minister's assertion that he welcomes constructive criticism will not carry conviction if his government is seen taking actions against independent media groups.
Any voting system, to carry conviction and trust, must be readily comprehensible and ours is not.
But unfortunately, we are unable to carry conviction to our colleagues," said Mukherjee.