carry forward

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As per the announcement, now the Finance department has proposed to allow traders to carry forward the excess tax credit to next year to adjust the output tax liability in the next tax period, the official said, adding that to implement this, a note will be tabled in the next cabinet meeting.
The Unlimited Carry Forward Hours program provides fractional and lease customers the opportunity to carry forward 100 percent of their accrued-but unused and unsold-allocated hours from their current ownership interest to their new interest.
Anybody who is in a position to take advantage of the carry forward rules before they are abolished should give serious consideration to doing so.
Carry forward will continue to be available to retirement annuity contracts taken out before 1st July 1988 and accepting increases.
The fixed-asset manager was expanded to compute depreciation using any of 22 methods and to carry forward the result, including asset sales, automatically to applicable forms.
The Carry Forward Awards honor individuals who have gone above and beyond to further Wounded Warrior Project's mission to honor and empower Wounded Warriors.
Their stories can be found at Carry Forward Awards Winner's Stories.
T can carry forward its 2003 disallowed interest expense to its succeeding tax year.