carry further

See: enlarge, extend
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Nasrollah said Hezbollah might carry further retaliatory at tacks, but what everyone noticed was the "might.
Pental also allowed Prasad to use this GM seed to carry further research, fully aware that all GM materials are put under the tag of ' Hazardous' under Environmental Protection Act ( EPA)," Saradhi alleged.
With 13 holes in the final round on Sunday, Scott unfortunately could not carry further as back spasm troubled him to play his normal game.
It is also a fact that nature has blessed us with sufficient resources to carry further the programmes of our development and prosperity with the desired pace, and this itself is the best way to ensure better return of the services, which the labors are rendering.
Al-Terkait noted that EQUATE's 2010 performance has so far exceeded plans by over 30%, expecting 2011 to carry further success and growth.
There are many projects taking place to carry further Turkey's EU membership process and to bring the peoples of Turkey and France closer to each other.
Azam Tariq threatened to carry further attacks on ruling Awami National
Some economists think FridayAEs payrolls report could carry further signs of improvement in the labor market, with expectations that NovemberAEs job losses could be revised to show a gain.
He recalls that spectators could get close to the players and, where it was necessary, they would be restricted by volunteers holding a length of rope which they would then carry further down the fairway to hold back the next group of fans.
The planning committee delayed the application and called for officers to carry further research on the shadowing effect.
Just as in the case of the vectors only very few models with matched [psi]- and [rho]-movements were found to be carrying further, only few variants carry further with the space as well.
They rock to and fro while puffing out their breasts to exhale more air and make their song carry further.