carry into effect

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My meaning, is, that churchmen in peace and quiet pray to Heaven for the welfare of the world, but we soldiers and knights carry into effect what they pray for, defending it with the might of our arms and the edge of our swords, not under shelter but in the open air, a target for the intolerable rays of the sun in summer and the piercing frosts of winter.
Either the existence of the same passion or interest in a majority at the same time must be prevented, or the majority, having such coexistent passion or interest, must be rendered, by their number and local situation, unable to concert and carry into effect schemes of oppression.
37, which states that it may: (a) contract and be contracted with; (b) own and hold such real and personal property as shall be necessary for corporate purposes, including the property which it occupies; (c) exercise all the general powers of a corporation established under the Corporation Law; and (d) do all such acts and things as may be necessary to carry into effect the provisions of said Decree.