carry tales

See: inform, notify
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There's no one here to see me--the seagulls won't carry tales of the matter.
There were some of the girls who were of her own sort, who were willing to toady to her and flatter her; and these would carry tales about the rest, and so the furies were unchained in the place.
I wouldn't ask it of you," she assured them, "if I thought it was wrong," and of course after this they could not well carry tales.
We are travelling fast, and as we have no driver with us to carry tales, we go ahead of scandal.
Newspaper headlines, television programmes and radio broadcasts carry tales of outrageous expenses claims.
I'm sure your motives are good, but it's still never a good idea to interfere between a couple or carry tales.
Indeed, the "most tactless blunder a house guest could commit was to carry tales of her hostess's household" (108).
The grapevine will carry tales of the department's improved morale and working relationships--all the way to the CEO.