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At virtually every turn of a Clancy novel it's the wonder weapons that carry the day.
Absolutely, there are changes in the retail dynamic since we launched many of the hits we did at Tiger, but innovation and creativity with both product and marketing will carry the day again.
Still, ``Justice's'' brain trust could learn something from ``Bones'' in terms of allowing wit and engaging characters to carry the day.
From Edward I's hopelessly outnumbered, trapped English invaders, who introduced the longbow at the battle of Crecy: Superior technology will usually carry the day.
But it's also vitally important to keep our attention focused on the cases where panic, fear, and reaction still carry the day.
There are leaders who want to control and who let self-interest and elitism carry the day.
In the last analysis, unless PPS is drastically revised - a seemingly unlikely event any time soon - it is this sort of attitude that will carry the day for many a facility.
Rapping's feminist perspective is especially illuminating, and her two chapters on women in these movies carry the day.
In this case, strength or lightness alone can't carry the day - it's striking the ideal balance between them.