carry weight

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Di Montezemolo's comments carry weight because of Ferrari's power in the F1 world.
The handicapper hasn't taken kindly to that widemargin win as he's hiked him up 13lb, but Jungleland is a big, strong horse built to carry weight and almost sure to improve for this latest step up in distance.
Their product offerings will support our soldiers in the field by significantly reducing the carry weight of legacy battery technology during mission critical deployments," Lungren said.
Hence, INB's argument will probably not carry weight in German legal proceedings to secure the uranium transferred to a now insolvent company.
When you carry weight close to your center of gravity, the load feels much lighter.
I happen to lean towards the GAP because I love Glock and for professionals it would offer a lighter carry weight.
Apples" tend to carry weight in the stomach area; "pears" carry weight in the thighs and hips.
It probably had two small wheels in the front to carry weight and might have been horse-drawn.
The Exxon factor shows that reputations can carry weight over empirical data.
The body's centre of gravity is about pelvic level, but usually it is better to carry weight around the mid back.