carry weight

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The body's centre of gravity is about pelvic level, but usually it is better to carry weight around the mid back.
A governor's words carry weight because of the office, which is as it should be, but the trustees still have the ultimate authority, which is also as it should be.
Well-crafted and lucidly written, Profit from the Core is evidence that a book doesn't have to be a tome to carry weight.
Husband and wife writing team, Millner and Chiles, say that these misconceptions still carry weight because of our difference in communication about three concepts tossed around liberally by today's rap artists--money, power and respect.
Bones are designed to carry weight, and if you're weight-less, your skeleton is out of work.
It remains to be seen if the union actually will sue, but the New Hampshire Sunday News said the complaint could carry weight with lawmakers who will consider the spending plan this week.
The four-tonne vehicle can carry weight up to five tonnes.
He would carry weight but carrying weight in the ground is the thing.
Di Montezemolo's comments carry weight because of Ferrari's power in the F1 world.
But) you have to carry weight, and you have to (win) all over the country.
Their product offerings will support our soldiers in the field by significantly reducing the carry weight of legacy battery technology during mission critical deployments," Lungren said.