carrying charge

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Using the yield on a money-market instrument as a proxy for the inventory cost of capital, significantly understates the inventory carrying charge. This, in turn, can lead to incorrect inventory-related decisions.
In this decision, the Commission retained the CT as the basic unit for the additional generating resource to be incorporated into the marginal capital cost of generation (here termed a "shortage cost"), but substituted a "real economic carrying charge" (RECC) for the previously used "levelization factor."
These fees may, however, be capitalized as carrying charges under Sec.
The shareholders realized that the carrying charge increase would have an immediate improvement on the physical condition of their property and that the 35-year term of the HUD mortgage would spread out the costs of the refinancing, keeping the monthly payments affordable.
A few days ago, Saeed and his seven aides had approached the Lahore High Court challenging a case carrying charges of terror financing lodged by the Counter: Terrorism Department (CTD) by 'wrongly' showing them as members of the proscribed Lashkar: e: Tayyaba (LeT).
Fixed carrying charges associated with debt, pension and other post-employment benefits (OPEBs) are moderate.
As for cosmic scales, there was shown in [4] that the structure of quasars can contain very long open vortex tubes with opposite currents carrying charges of different signs at the place of their rupture that resembles a kind of a superatom.
It may make better sense to create a living trust to hold real estate and other individual assets to allow for continued management after the main owner passes without risk of the survivor being removed or being forced out due to lack of ability to pay carrying charges on the property.
Clarification is also needed to the annual election under the state and local deduction Section 266 to capitalize taxes and carrying charges in lieu of deducting the interest, for taxpayers owning real estate.
As part of our agreement with PETRONAS affiliate, Progress Energy, following receipt of a termination notice, TransCanada would be reimbursed for the full costs and carrying charges incurred to advance the PRGT project.