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In our example, the noncapital carrying cost is 10 percent of the inventory balance.
05 times $5,000) and the expected carrying cost of $163 (equal to 90/360 times .
In many instances, the additional carrying cost generated by the UNICAP tax burden will cause companies to reduce their inventory levels; as carrying costs increase, smaller, more frequent inventory orders may be called for.
31 trillion in 2006, with inventory carrying costs accounting for most of that growth.
Inventory carrying costs rose 17% to $393 million, the largest jump since Wilson and her colleagues began tracking these statistics in the 1980s.
Factoring in the rent from the third floor, it is estimated that the net monthly carrying costs will be $1,055 - making the homes affordable.
Sellers sustain long marketing periods and substantial carrying costs (interest expenses, taxes, maintenance, etc.
Most obvious, of course, is the fact that if sponsors are finally allowed to charge market rents for their unsold units, their financial burdens will be significantly eased, creating a decrease in the shortfall between their own carrying costs and the revenues they generate.