carrying into effect

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IT WAS RESOLVED THAT the holders of the ZDP Shares hereby sanction and consent to the passing and carrying into effect, as an ordinary resolution of the Company, of Resolution 4 contained in the notice of annual general meeting of the Company dated 31 March 2015 and any variation or abrogation and/or deemed variation or abrogation of the rights attached to the ZDP Shares which will, or may, result from the passing and carrying into effect of such resolution.
By cancelling the field trip to the Museum, rather, the District has unnecessarily exposed itself to potential liability for viewpoint discrimination against the Museum, by carrying into effect a 'heckler's veto' based on AU's hostility toward religion," the letter read.
But Section 23 of the DPC Act states that "the CAG is hereby authorised to make regulations for carrying into effect the provisions of the Act in so far as they are related to the scope and extent of audit".