cart away

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The contractors use large excavators and dump trucks to cart away the debris.
Strip out the existing internal partitions, kitchen installation and staircase and cart away from the site ( Cost: pounds 630.
You can stop floppy arms and build up your upper body strength and firm up those thighs if you use a wheelbarrow to cart away your rubbish.
Spanish police arrested 40 people and needed two large trucks to cart away more than 240,000 CDs and DVDs in the country's biggest crackdown on pirate recording, Interior Minister Angel Acebes said tonight.
Big-spender Tara has got so skint she couldn't even pay removal men to cart away her nick-nacks.
In August 1990, then Donen agreed to cart away 3,000 cubic meters of soil regarded as the most radioactive from the Katamo site, mostly owned by Enomoto.
They told me that if I didn't take my shopping cart away from here, they would give me a ticket.
For example, material can be predried on the cart away from the machine and then delivered to a machine-mounted vacuum receiver.