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QUART, measures. A quart is a liquid measure containing one-fourth part of a gallon.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This is just a most unfortunate affair; but what would ye have me do -- boxed up in this bee-skep of a cage of mine -- but just set my friends to the cartes, when I can get them?
This agreement is a continuation of a more than 40-year cooperation between UBCI and the insurance activities of the CARTE Group.
Agency a la Carte said Hueman will provide the resources to bring the company to the next level.
3 April 2018 - Florida, US-based recruitment company Hueman People Solutions has acquired staffing and recruiting firm Agency a la Carte to expand marketing recruiting space, the company said.
Our great prize package includes two return flights from East Midlands airport to Paris; return transfers to and from your hotel; three nights in a four-star hotel; daily breakfast and evening meal; PS250 spending money; tickets to the top of the Eiffel Tower with lift access; travel Insurance and a year's supply of Carte Noire coffee!
Le secretaire general de l'organe national d'investissement l 'ambassadeur Ahmed Schawer a dit , dans une declaration a la SUNA , que le Comite a examine le plan global de mise a jour et de completer la carte nationale d'investissement expliquant que cette action s'inscrit dans des efforts pour l'amelioration et le developpement des activites d'investissement dans le pays.
Rabat - Quelque 4,56 millions de personnes ont ete inscrites au Regime d'assistance medicale (RAMED) depuis son entree en vigueur le 13 mars 2012 et jusqu'au 1er juin 2013, dont 1,5 million detiennent le recepisse, tandis que 1,7 millions de cartes sont pretes, a indique lundi le ministre de la Sante, El Hossein El Ouardi.
A post-bundle world would require a much different environment than the one a la carte fans envision, one that probably draws more on title-oriented platforms like Netflix or iTunes than on TV's linear lineage.