carte blanche

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CARTE BLANCHE. The signature of an individual or more, on a while. paper, with a sufficient space left above it to write a note or other writing.
     2. In the course of business, it not unfrequently occurs that for the sake of convenience, signatures in blank are given with authority to fill them up.. These are binding upon the parties. But the blank must be filled up by the very person authorized. 6 Mart. L. R. 707. Vide Ch. on Bills, 702 Penna. R. 200. Vide Blank.

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The university seems to have carte blanche to build towers where and whenever it wishes, to increase its burgeoning capacity and income, with little regard for those of us who live here.
The source added: "Liz gave Michael carte blanche to use her home for as long as he likes.
Do we give carte blanche to foreign governments to come here and carry out atrocities with impunity?
It is giving carte blanche to both the unions and our current Legislature to continue business as usual.
O'Connor has created works for White Oak Dance Project, Rotterdamse Dansgroep, and Norway's Carte Blanche.
Ingrid adds: "I know by saying this I'm virtually giving Chris carte blanche to have an affair, but it would not wreck our marriage.
If so, the FDA apparently has carte blanche to regulate as drugs or devices a wide range of products that members of Congress never imagined would be so classified, and the FDA's current interpretation of the law is no guide to how it may act in the future.
But that gives people like him carte blanche to do it again and that really is going back to the Dark Ages.
Thankfully, on the ground floor, where the crowds pouring into the Pompidou first enter, younger talent was given carte blanche.
Financial Alliance offers a fully integrated card payment processing service that enables retailers to accept payments by means of Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, and Discover card programs.
This canon does not give carte blanche to the faithful, however, since it insists on three conditions being fulfilled before sacraments can be administered: that the faithful opportunely ask for a sacrament--in this case Communion; that they are properly disposed; and that they are not prohibited by law from receiving them.
These regimes consider they now have carte blanche to crack down on anyone, and gays and lesbians are always at the top of their list of victims.