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A combination of producers of any product joined together to control its production, sale, and price, so as to obtain a Monopoly and restrict competition in any particular industry or commodity. Cartels exist primarily in Europe, being illegal in the United States under antitrust laws. Also, an association by agreement of companies or sections of companies having common interests, designed to prevent extreme or Unfair Competition and allocate markets, and to promote the interchange of knowledge resulting from scientific and technical research, exchange of patent rights, and standardization of products.

In war, an agreement between two hostile powers for the delivery of prisoners or deserters, or authorizing certain nonhostile intercourse between each other that would otherwise be prevented by the state of war, for example, agreements between enemies for intercommunication by post, telegraph, telephone, or railway.

Although illegal in the United States, foreign cartels influence prices within the United States on imported and smuggled goods that they control. The United States has sued the De Beers diamond cartel several times, and works to stop the flow of illegal narcotics, whose production and distribution are largely controlled by drug cartels.


n. 1) an arrangement among supposedly independent corporations or national monopolies in the same industrial or resource development field organized to control distribution, to set prices, to reduce competition, and sometimes to share technical expertise. Often the participants are multi-national corporations which operate across numerous borders and have little or no loyalty to any home country, and great loyalty to profits. The most prominent cartel is OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries), which represents all of the oil producing countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Venezuela. Many cartels operate behind a veil of secrecy, particularly since under American anti-trust laws (the Sherman and Clayton Acts) they are illegal. 2) criminal syndicates like the international drug cartel headquartered in Colombia. (See: antitrust laws)


noun accord, accordance, affiliation, alliance, amalgamation, association, bloc, body corrorate, coadjuvancy, coalition, colleagueship, combination, combine, common consent, community of interest, concert, concord, concordance, concordat, concurrence, confederation, conjunction, consenus, consociation, consonancy, consort, consortium, contract, cooperation, covenant, federation, fusion, group, joint concern, league, merger, mutual understanding, organization, pact, sodality, syndicate, trust, union, unity
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CARTEL,war. An agreement between two belligerent powers for the delivery of prisoners or deserters, and also a written challenge to a duel.
     2. Cartel ship, is a ship commissioned in time of war, to exchange prisoners, or to carry any proposals between hostile powers; she must carry no cargo, ammunitions, or implements of war, except a single gun for signals. The conduct of ships of this description cannot be too narrowly watched. The service on which they are sent is so highly important to the interests of humanity, that it is peculiarly incumbent on all parties to take care that it should be conducted in such a manner as not to become a subject of jealousy and distrust between the two nations. 4 Rob. R. 357. Vide Merl. Rep. b. t.; Dane's Ab. c. 40, a. 6, 7; Pet. C. C. R. 106; 3 C. Rob. 141 C. Rob. 336; 1 Dods. R. 60.

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Several courts have held that antitrust defendants' alleged participation in a price-fixing cartel outside the United States cannot constitute a plus factor unless that alleged foreign activity would have violated the foreign jurisdiction's competition law.
These firms that are naturally competitors must also learn to trust each other not to cheat on the cartel and not to expose the cartel to enforcement officials.
We would just have to plant garlic in more than 50,000 hectares of our extremely limited farmlands-and just to weaken the power of the cartel a bit, at that.
Years ago, the NBI also tried the wholesale filing of cases to dismantle the cartel, involving some 115 individuals, including government officials and a certain 'Leah Cruz,' who actually went by her name Lilia Matabang (no pun intended).
Experience has shown that cartel screens helped overtime in uncovering hard-core cartels.
In this section, a series of examples regarding the use of economic analysis in the activity of cartel detection is provided, especially regarding screens.
Ahi, los sicarios de La Linea defendieron la plaza para el Cartel de Juarez ante el acecho de la Gente Nueva, ligada al Cartel de Sinaloa, asi como de pandillas, como Barrio Azteca, que en un principio se unieron a Los Zetas.
El Cartel de Juarez, comandado en ese entonces por Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, El Viceroy -quien hoy se encuentra preso en el penal de Puente Grande, Jalisco--, se vio doblegado ante el poderio del Cartel de Sinaloa y opto por hacer un pacto con este.
Department of Justice Drug Intelligence Report cited that the Cali Cartel was composed of five independent drug trafficking organizations.
The cartel has become a sophisticated global business organization (SourceMex, Feb.
cartels are (1) the Sinaloa Cartel (128) (2) Los Zetas, (129) (3) the
He said cartels lobbied residents and traders to solicit services from private providers instead of contracted firms, which portrayed the county as reluctant in collecting waste.