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A Leica Lino L2 line laser was used to create horizontal or vertical reference lines that were used to control orientation of the Cartesian coordinate system when modeling the measurement data.
Using Eglash's Virtual Bead Loom program, you can experiment with the Cartesian coordinate system to make your own beautiful works of art.
If decimal degrees are used on a two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system (as in the Plate Carree projection), higher resampling accuracies are expected, because there are more output pixels than there are input points.
The specific situation considered is a plane aperture A contained in an infinitesimally thin screen S that occupies the xy-plane of a Cartesian coordinate system and is illuminated from the half space z < 0 by a normally incident monochromatic plane wave with irradiance [E.
Another question that can be asked is why the 3D Cartesian coordinate system uses 90[degrees] between any two of the six half-axes in the positive or negative direction?