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And Callum Davidson rubbed a cartload of salt in for Davies by scoring a penalty after Chris Cohen pulled down Billy Jones on 28 minutes.
You're in line at the grocery store, and the woman in front of you has just rung up a cartload of groceries and discovered that her wallet is missing.
We laugh at the thought of bloated Midwestern trailer park princesses buying Pocket Fishermen by the cartload, or by snapping up bogus courses on how to sell swampland in Arkansas.
recorded the fastest time scanning and bagging a cartload of groceries at the National Grocers Association's first CEO Self-Checkout Scan-Off.
Muhammad Mowab, 22, a student and barber, bought a cartload of cement for 20 shekels, or about $5.
Before long we saw the farm tractor pulling a cartload of visitors down the hill to its rendezvous with us.
Christmas trees are discarded by the cartload each year in early January; old newspapers are easily collected for free.
When you're taking meth, you look like you have a cold anyway, so the addicts buy a cartload of cold medicines and credit it against their account at the pusher," he said.
Guggenheim Museum auctioned a cartload of works by Kandinsky, Modigliani, and other modern masters in order to buy .
I had intended to wax lyrical about Jones becoming the latest product of Welsh cricket who will be left to rot on the shelves while the England selectors yet again churn they way through their own cartload of bad apples.
It seemed all the worse watching Marines stand by as artifacts were carried away by the cartload and smoke poured out of buildings.