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While Poll dished out a cartload of yellow cards, only one player fell victim to red - Mikael Silverstre, who marched with 20 minutes left for for headbutting Freddie Ljungberg The result boots a massive dent in Arsenal's hopes of seriously threatening Chelsea for the title.
Their lively and often hilarious set will include material from their latest CD, A Cartload of Monkeys.
And, as one Albanian crook has just demonstrated, this Government has the initiative and energy of a cartload of donkeys.
In the very first description, Taylor, bringing a cartload of produce to market suddenly spots a cathedral, "its two spires blended--in profile--into one knife blade thrusting high in the heavens.
US economic policy was not so appreciated, and Grant's train was met by a cartload of local butchers, holding up examples of imported beef and an ironic American flag.
The green wasn't built to take long approaches, so there will bogeys by the cartload, all the more so given the dire quality of the nether regions of this 156-man line-up.
My favourites are still a cartload of horse manure and a budgie," said DCC executive Hugh Coghlan.
Whether it's name-brand clothing, jewelry or furniture, there's never a reason to feel guilty about checking out with a cartload of goods at Treasures.
In comparison, one middle class French kid presented no terrors, but she turned out more trouble than a cartload of monkeys.
I don't, and neither did Mencken, who called Theodore Dreiser's An American Tragedy "a heaping cartload of raw materials for a novel, with rubbish of all sorts intermixed" I wouldn't say that Rodgers has piled up rubbish in Mencken: The American Iconoclast, but she has piled fact upon fact in a way that those who prefer shorter books will find unselective.
Cruising along the fairways of a sun-kissed American golf course in my little motorised buggy, hoping it won't be long until the attractive American girl and her cartload of ice-cold, American beer make a welcome appearance on the horizon.
There are several coaches (the first three I see are from France, Germany and Barnsley) and a cartload of cars.