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PJ Carroll & Company, who made cigarettes, sponsored the horses on the circuit going back and through their public relations man Pat Heneghan looked after us with cartloads of cigarettes.
When the antiquary, John Lelend, visited the area in 1545 or thereabouts, only one tower of the haughty structure was still standing, and Leland watched as cartloads of stone were being taken away to effect repairs to Pershore bridge.
William of Gloucester was fixing lead piping in a cutting 24 feet deep on the Archbishop of York's estate at Churchdown, when an estimated 100 cartloads of earth fell in on him.
As for the "investment" value of clothes and other items - it's worth remembering that you can't sell a fur coat for love nor the proverbial these days and that those few remaining "cheap as chips" Staffordshire figures from the Victorian era, which were the poor man's Chelsea and Bow, were thrown away in cartloads and have now acquired "rarity value".
The majority of them are third and fourth generation drivers, their fathers and grandfathers before them driving horse and donkey-drawn cartloads on dirt roads.
One record, from 1541 and written in Latin, reveals John ap David was accused of stealing five cartloads of hay valued at 20p.
Do we really need to know that in 1870 New York's "38, 272 horses produced an estimated 1,146 cartloads of manure daily?" (p.
More than 800 horse-drawn cartloads of soil were brought into the park, thousands of trees and shrubs were planted as well as 28,000 bedding plants in time for the opening in 1890.
He tells us, slowly and methodically, about his experience of 'many sights of death', of the cartloads of thin naked bodies of dead prisoners being pulled along by the skeletal remains of the living; of the sadistic German officer who came into their huts at night and walked over their bodies.
In France, cartloads of valuable Talmud manuscripts were burned as debates began to center on the anti-Christian teachings of the Talmud.
Can anyone imagine the amount of carbon dioxide spewed out the belly of a factory furnace into which cartloads of fuel have been dumped!