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Both worlds of cartography, paper and digital, are equally well represented in this volume.
Cartography or mapmaking is mentioned briefly in only one other entry (#45 Pictograms) and examples of maps or globes are found in only three other entries (#4 Rays, #7 Vanitas, #51 Motion Graphics).
Most employers use digital cartography techniques, providing some opportunity for computer personnel.
Perhaps of greater value and originality is his reading of Raleigh's "Discoverie of Guiana" with and against the grain of Marlowe's dramatic cartography.
In this regard, the work of scholars such as Brian Harley and David Woodward (co-founders in the 1980s of the influential multi-volume History of Cartography project published by The University of Chicago Press), of Matthew Edney (current editor of this project), represented a major turn in the nature of cartographic history.
Launched on March 14, 2005, the Cadastral Ownership Registry's (CORe) primary purpose was to replace the manual entry of data into ownership books maintained in the Cartography Division of Washington County Government.
Judged on his previous run, Cartography would have sound claims as he was just a head second to the ultra-smart Pastoral Pursuits in a Listed event.
Bill's contributions in cartography, teaching and as a citizen of the university and (to the) discipline of geography were great, and his passing leaves a void in the department that cannot be easily filled," the Web site message said.
Her cartography is not pure transcription or representation.
Angles are important in cartography, and Kevin pursued his career in mapmaking from a different one.
Classics in Cartography provides an intellectually-driven reinterpretation of a selection of ten touchstone articles in the development of mapping scholarship over the last four decades.
Contract notice: "services in the current, basic and extremely clean premises of the agency for geodesy, cartography and cadastre and its territorial units.