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In the days that followed, the newspaper ran an apology, held conversations with Muslim students, and promised more complete, nuanced coverage on the cartoon issue.
With the innovative Watch Cartoon Networkapp and the responsive video page on CartoonNetwork.
Like a written editorial, a cartoon expresses the point of view of one person--the cartoonist.
This cartoon is discriminatory," the prosecuting authority said of the sketch on the website of the Arab European League (AEL) which it said depicted the Nazi holocaust as a figment of Jewish imagination.
At the amusement park, Gollyworld -- named after Golly Gopher, the key cartoon icon created by long-dead animator Milt Appleday (Fred Willard), who also used to peddle edible paint -- Jimmy is in an accident.
2006) imbroglio over the publication of cartoons lampooning the Muslim prophet Mohammed is pointing out the hypocrisy extant among those who extoll "freedom of expression and the press," and "tolerance, respect and diversity," in the same breath.
Rose is the man who published the dirty dozen cartoons of Mohammed, one of them featuring his turban shaped like a bomb, that sent Muslims everywhere into February's fine fury.
Viewers were given adjustable-beam flashlights to examine the story's cartoon cels, which wallpapered a large, machine-fogged room in which the only other sources of illumination were the flashlight eyes of a big, black, bat-winged, polyester-resin prehistoric pig, suspended in the center of the room between white resin sculptures of Siegfried and a larger-than-life Artemis, goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, and wild animals.
The National Cartoon Museum, formerly the International Museum of Cartoon Art, headquartered in Boca Raton, Fla.
Often a well conceived cartoon can make a more telling political statement than any number of polemical speeches or ideological diatribes.
Newspapers typically run one cartoon per day on their editorial page, floating in a sea of text.
Though the simple illustrations and plain-terms instructions are readily accessible to young people, they are equally instructive to amateur adults seeking to hone their cartooning skills and learn how to create cartoon characters.