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Cartoonish arguments deserve the props they get, and in this case Bibi chose to go with an explosive that Wile E.
I would hope he would add to his list creating a law prohibiting cartoonish people from serving as media representatives in war zones.
This wonderous land hosts weird long-legged crabs and a rather cartoonish looking octopii amongst its denizens.
The Illusion of Victory is hyperbolic and so hostile to Wilson that it borders on the cartoonish.
A cartoonish blue goat supplies some comic relief as well.
Clever readers will enjoy spotting the playful swine in the cartoonish illustrations as they elude the harried farmer.
The art in question was a cartoonish, 12-foot-tall mechanical piece that portrayed a moving naked man performing anal sex on a kneeling naked man.
For example, toeing a thin line between the cartoonish whimsy of children's coloring books and the shear weight of nineteenth-century slave narratives, the painter John Bankton is described by writer Christine Kim as "playing a tug of war between language and imagery [that] leads the viewer to question his/her own morality" yet at the same time the artist "reminds us that symbioses and multiplicity are much more appealing" than the often regimented ways in which we receive information from the mass media.
Lots of children decorate the family refrigerator with cartoonish pictures of their parents; few grow up to write wonderful comic-strip biographies of them.
For example African-American performers now represent ghetto life in Rap music videos, but the performance of blackness is no less packaged, stagy and cartoonish than its antebellum forebear.
Some DTPs that cost less than $50 only offer outdated graphics with cartoonish results.
These cartoonish images soften the chaotic harshness of the surrounding environment.