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In an ECO, since the parent firm's shares, which reflect the value of the subsidiary carved out, are nonrationed and continuously traded, our analyses provide compelling evidence against IPO pricing efficiency.
Mental Health Drugs Requiring Prior Carve-Out/ Authorization Formulary Limits on All Drugs States by State Exclusions Prescriptions Carve-Out (a) Arizona [check] California [check] [check] Colorado Florida [check] [check] [check] Hawaii [check] [check] [check] [check] Iowa [check] [check] [check] (a) Kentucky [check] [check] [check] Massachusetts [check] [check] [check] Michigan [check] [check] [check] [check] Nebraska [check] [check] [check] [check] (a) Pennsylvania [check] [check] [check] Tennessee Texas Utah [check] [check] [check] [check] (a) Washington [check] [check] Wisconsin (a) All prescription drugs are carved out and covered by a specialty firm.
Before one telecom-equipment provider was carved out and subsequently spun off (2) for example, it had virtually no access to customers for its telecom hardware products that competed with those of its parent.