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3 -- 4 -- color) At right, Terry Green of Malibu carves a whale out of stone at the Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center on Sunday during a free stone carving workshop.
AS a child Tom Watt would carve out spooky Hallowe'en lanterns from swedes grown on the family farm.
When you carve stone, it sings back to you," Ferguson muses.
He marks the positions, then carefully carves out the cavities and forces the eyeballs in.
I try to bring that out when I start to carve but I have to be very careful.
There's a dramatically necessary distinction between the way in which she carves the crowd and how she carves the victim.
Most prominent is 91-year-old George Lopez, the elder statesman of woodcarvers, who carves charming figures of squirrels, rabbits, birds, and other animals from unpainted cottonwood and cedar.
Lockheed retiree Dennis Quiroz holds one of the distinctive walking sticks he carves, this one with a Skunk Works mascot.