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The evidence base for active case finding as such a strategy in similar high-burden settings is limited, [8] although there have been some promising results regarding the impact on earlier case detection and population TB incidence.
This underscores the importance of household contact screening as a component of case finding in the national programme (11).
The WHO recommends in their most recent guidelines on intensified TB case finding for people living with HIV in resource-constrained settings that 'All adolescent and adults living with HIV, wherever they receive care, should be regularly screened for TB using a clinical symptom-based algorithm at every visit to a health facility or contact with a health worker'.
The time to outbreak detection through clinical case finding for a simulated outbreak was calculated for each simulated outbreak as the time between exposure to spores and the first positive blood culture.
Other criteria for case finding for subclinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy advocated in the AACE guidelines are a personal or family history of thyroid disease, a history of type 1 diabetes or other autoimmune endocrine disease, a high antithyroid antibody titer, and symptoms of hypothyroidism.
The expected outcomes for this project include: (1) enhanced medical response through case finding, contact tracing, disinfection and dead body management; (2) increased preparedness and response capacity in non-affected countries; (3) increased staff and volunteer safety and security; (4) strengthened information, communication, resource mobilization and reporting functions; and (5) established Regional Ebola Unit in Guinea (Conakry) that is providing coordination and support at Zone and Geneva levels.
For example, if a syndromic surveillance system allowed follow-up of individual cases, it might accelerate case finding and investigation into the source of infection.
To assess the magnitude of botulism in Georgia, we reviewed existing surveillance data and performed case finding and active surveillance in hospitals and public health offices.
Available in the spring of 1999, the enhanced Shepard's Citations Service will combine the power of Shepard's citations and the full LEXIS-NEXIS services to offer one comprehensive, easy-to-use, integrated research system that saves time through tailored results and precise case finding and filtering tools.
Dr Andrew Wakefield, pictured, said the General Medical Council (GMC) hearing was about protecting the Government's MMR vaccination policy and some of the GMC's case findings were "false".
The main book covers lost profits determinations, damages determinations, preliminary and permanent injunctions, exceptional case findings, the award of enhanced damages and attorney fees, the award of interest and costs, limitations on damages recovery, and special remedial provisions.
This reduces the wait time to find similar cases and enables our personnel to focus on timely, vital case findings.