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Case Histories is sometimes uneven but always surprising and engrossing.
We appreciate that you first went to our Web site and researched a dozen case histories.
However, some who read it without benefit of an instructor might find that so many case histories are difficult to keep straight and that Pointing's Green History provides a more accessible overview.
It also describes what services should be in place to effectively deal with students who test positive for drug use and offers case histories of how schools have used drug testing to address their drug issues.
The new case histories offered here enrich our understanding of the variety of women's experience.
Remaining competitive and achieving ISO registration are essential in today's market, and this book is packed with hundreds of practical tips, charts, and proven case histories that make it the perfect guide not only for managing large and small shops, but also for manufacturers of all sizes.
Using 40 case histories, Owen tracks the spies and the tools of their trade to reveal the furtive history of espionage.
The case histories cover interesting and comprehensive subjects, but the cases use only one to two colored intraoral photographs (frontal) related to the case.
Many of the case histories reported in the literature are among patients with additional problems such as kidney disease, advanced age, and steroid use; hut healthy, athletic people have suffered injuries as well.
Three case histories of fictional sex offender clients represented the treatments.
It provides a combination of fundamentals, case histories and the latest trends and insights into the world of marketing.
Case histories, advertisements, caricatures, political cartoons, private journals or scrapbooks, and contemporary journalists' reports are mingled, creating the inescapable impression that one could not travel anywhere in Britain in the mid-nineteenth century without encountering people under the spell of mesmerism.