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We appreciate that you figured out what constitutes a great case history and gave us that, along with a distinct angle for your story.
The information gathered during an extensive analysis of the death scene, examination of the infant's medical history, and review of the family case history can greatly supplement the autopsy results and enable the medical professional to properly interpret postmortem findings.
Equal numbers of each case history were randomly distributed in the packets received by each instructor.
Clinical skills involved in the collection of data in this first stage of the assessment model would include consultation, personal interviews, case history review, and the ability to synthesize the preassessment information to choose from the following decision-making options.
The second portion of the kit is an actual case history of a start-up company including the facts behind the company's formation, development of the product line, site location, competition, pricing policies, production and marketing plans, financial analysis and projections and sales forecast data.
With sharp insight, humility and warmth, Hayes presents, compares, and analyzes case history after case history of children and families in crisis.
FAMILY WARS: CLASSIC CONFLICTS IN FAMILY BUSINESS ND HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM offers up case history examples from big business--Gallo, Koch Industries, Guinness--to illustrate family succession battles, power struggles, and the common issues that affect family business interactions.
Chapters blend case history examples of women in flux with real-life techniques for improving everything from relationship quality to life objectives.
Type 2 juxtaposes case history examples with practical management tips.
What Works is a specialized case history format that focuses upon IT solutions that demonstrate quantifiable results.
A case history on cable designed for use in wiring entertainment and sports events highlights the toughness and durability of Flexalloy vinyl thermoplastic elastomer.