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"The social worker who had 57 kids, management could have adjusted her case load.''
"Selling the attractiveness of the chamber is really quite easy because the reputation is out that Bahrain is a friendly place to do arbitration and mediation and that the BCDR centre is a first rate place to file a case is going to grow the case load and contribute to the economy in Bahrain."
The ponderous case load means that Perlow and her fellow prosecu- tors make more and easier plea bargains than they'd like.
After May 10, because the dramatic increase in the number of new cases attributed to the hospital cluster outbreaks in Taipei in late April (3), the SARS Advisory Committee at the Taiwan Center for Disease Control in Taipei could no longer effectively provide swift review for the rapidly increasing case load. Consequently, three regional offices of the Bureau of National Health Insurance (BNHI) north, central, and south of Taiwan took over the responsibility of case review and used standard operating procedures for case evaluation (2).
* Anticipated volume based on historical and projected case load
The five participating students were responsible for setting up an initial meeting with the school counselor to discuss their schedule, case load of students, and duties and responsibilities.
The decline is so dramatic that it puts in doubt all previous understanding of case load dynamics.
Assigning accountability to individual nurses, specifically, a patient case load for which the nurse is accountable for timely assessments and MDS completion.
And for all the talk of welfare "cuts," the case load reductions have left most states awash in cash, at least for now.
Green says the increased case load led to total deficits of "over $300,000" in the last three fiscal years.
A filing fee also might be imposed for both owners and tenants for PAR as one idea to reduce case load and help with administrative costs.
Biotech patent disputes are multiplying like clones, and with more than 6,000 new biotech patents currently pending in the United States alone, the case load is destined to grow.

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