case of conscience

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Be not uneasy, friend Sancho," said the barber, "for we will entreat your master, and advise him, even urging it upon him as a case of conscience, to become an emperor and not an archbishop, because it will be easier for him as he is more valiant than lettered.
This is simply a case of conscience and of strict justice.
Of course, it was a case of conscience, but the material facts such as these brought about the solution.
The examples show us something crucial: the paradigm case of conscience lies in refusing to acquiesce in the wrongful conviction of the innocent.
It is from these terms of exclusion that we shall approach James Blish's 1958 novel A Case of Conscience to examine how the Lithians, an extra-solar race of rational lizard-like kangaroos, are excluded from the sanctioned center of the novel's inherently religious utopia.
Another novel that discusses extraterrestrials and sin is A Case of Conscience (Del Rey Impact) by James Blish.
Father Raymond Gravel is a case of conscience for the Church of Quebec and the universal Church.
Gless claims that the most important case of conscience among many in Angelo's temptation of Isabella develops from this query of the deputy:
Loeb: So it's a case of conscience prevailing over duty?
For example, John Speed observed of the Elizabethan settlement that "many that had fled the Realm in case of conscience, returned," (5) and the plethora of books published during the 1640s and 50s with such titles as The Ancient Bounds, or Liberty of Conscience (1645) and Against Universall Libertie of Conscience (1644) demonstrates that, by the time of the civil war, "conscience" had become a code word for political controversy.
HAMMY horror schlock-rocker Marilyn Manson has come down with a severe case of conscience.
Readers of "The Contract" in the 1650s would not only have recognized it as a domestic case of conscience concerning the validity of spousal contracts de futuro; they would also have had in mind the casuistical dilemma brought about by the change of regime.