case stated

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Case Stated

An action that is brought upon the agreement of the parties who submit a statement of undisputed facts to the court but who take adversary positions as to the legal ramifications of the facts, thereby requiring a judge to decide the Question of Law presented.

A case stated is also called an amicable action, a case agreed on, or a friendly suit.

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case stated

a statement of the facts of a case prepared by one court for the opinion or judgment of another court. In Scotland the appeal from a summary court is called a stated case.
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The facts of the case stated that the victim on Aug 7, 2016 posted an advertisement in to sell his Honda Accord 2.0.
The decades old matters of Sharif family were put before the court but the ECP in one case stated that issues of parliamentarians before the elections of 2013 were not open to judicial proceedings, he noted.
On the other hand the investigating officer of the case stated that injured section officer Mr.
The court while announcing the decision of the case stated that Ayyan did not report to the court despite numerous summonses.