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Tissue sections stained by Ziehl--Neelsen showed numerous acid-fast bacteria in the foci of caseous necrosis (Fig.
Instead, it showed caseous necrosis, which was followed by a positive culture and a positive tuberculin test.
Detection of mummified remnants of individual necrotic epithelioid cells in the centers of the tumor nodules, as opposed to the suppurative, fibrinoid, or caseous necrosis of necrotizing granulomata, or the accumulated stromal mucin of granuloma annulare should also alert one to the possibility of epithelioid sarcoma.
Histopathologic examination showed caseous necrosis and accumulation of macrophages and giant cells in the lung and lymph nodes.
Histopathology revealed that the mass contained granulomas with caseous necrosis as well as Langhans' giant cells and numerous epithelioid cells.
6,7) In nonendometrial tissue or in postmenopausal women, however, this would not be a factor and some evidence of caseous necrosis might be expected.