Cash Basis

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Cash Basis

A method of accounting that considers only money actually received as income and only money actually paid out as expense.

For Income Tax purposes, taxable income is computed under cash basis accounting as the difference between income received and expenses paid out within the tax year.

Cash basis accounting is not the same as Accrual Basis accounting.

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In modified cash basis accounting, transactions and other events are recognized on a cash basis during the year, and accounts payable and receivable are only recognized at the end of the year.
In contrast, cash basis accounting has caused distortions in government revenues because it does not enable a full view of volume for the year.
Whoever warned against counting chickens before they've hatched was clearly a proponent of cash basis accounting.
There's nothing wrong with using cash basis accounting so long as it reasonably and accurately represents the true financial accounting and position of the organization," said Andrew Lang, national director of nonprofit services for BDO Seidman, an accounting and management firm based in Chicago.
The Government now proposes to phase out cash basis accounting in 1999/2000 - a year later than originally announced - and has extended the three-year "catch up" period to ten years.
Justification for adopting cash basis accounting for OPEB was based on assumptions that the number of retirees covered was relatively small, the costs were insignificant and the continuation of benefits was discretionary.
While the module reviewed here will only handle cash basis accounting, integrating additional modules for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Payroll is easily done.