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CASH, commerce. Money on hand, which a merchant, trader or other person has to do business with.
     2. Cash price, in contracts, is the price of articles paid for in cash, in contradistinction to the credit price. Pard. n. 85; Chipm. Contr. 110. In common parlance, bank notes are considered as cash; but bills receivable are not.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A few minutes later the cash machine at Cabragh filling station on Ballygawley Road near Dungannon, Co Tyrone was hit by thieves.
Cash machines can be a lifeline in rural areas - especially for older residents who are not as familiar with contactless payments or visit businesses which do not accept cards.
James Goodfellow said banking bosses are unfairly penalising people as the number of free-to-use cash machines falls.
analysed data on 70,000 cash machines across the UK.
The number of cash machines across the UK reached a new record high of 70,180 in July, tipping over the 70,000 mark for the first time.
The Elite Business Cash Machine has over 400 financing sources and over 30 different funding sources available.
"But criminals have been switching attention to cash machine crime, either through attacks on ATMs or by stealing from people taking out cash."