cash paid

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By cash paid by Miss Thimble, -- $1.00 By cash paid for article, -- 100.00 By washerwoman's deduction, -- 00.05
The purchase price comprises $5.6M in cash paid at closing today and a two-year seller-financed promissory note of $22.4M.
As part of the merger, each Blue Hills Bancorp share will be exchanged for 0.2308 of a share of Independent's common stock and USD5.25 in cash, with cash paid in lieu of fractional shares at a price of USD78.48 per share.
Payment will be in two tranches with CDN 1.018m (CDN 601,600 in cash paid on closing and CDN 416,000 in Alexco common shares to be issued upon receipt of all requisite regulatory approvals), and with CDN 1,018,000 (comprised of CDN 601,600 in cash paid on closing and CDN 416,400 in Alexco common shares to be issued upon receipt of all requisite regulatory approvals) and the remaining CDN 370,000 cash payment to be made on the first anniversary of the transaction closing.
The aggregate amount of cash paid for all fractional shares will be nominal.
transferred a 3.75 percent concession it owned in the Pierce Field in the offshore region to Summit Petroleum Ltd., wholly owned by trading house Sumitomo Corp., in addition to cash paid, Japan's top petroleum resources developer said.
The taxman is creaming off 64 per cent of the cash paid by drivers every time they fill up, it emerged yesterday.
Cash paid for all other operating expenses (3,943.00)
The cash paid for a number of toys and a colour television and Irene Lazenby (right) is pictured receiving the gifts from landlord John Thomas and his wife Irene.
It is claimed cold-calling salespeople have been knocking on doors offering people help to claw back cash paid out to their banks for being overdrawn or bouncing cheques.
The sales price for FCD was $50 million in cash paid at the close on December 1, 2006, with a potential additional earn-out amount of up to $5 million based on FCD results for the twelve months ending May 31, 2007.
While he did not receive the cash directly, the cash paid by the buyer is owned by an entity that Paul controls and that is, in turn, owned by him and his sons.