cash payment

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People in younger age groups are more likely to be rare cash users, with more than one in 10 of those aged 25 to 34 making one cash payment each month or no cash payments at all.
Introducing the cash payment option, merchants are now able to accept cash payments from customers virtually and reach a greater population of the world (including the unbanked).
NAHKEEL has started cash payments to its creditors as it seeks to restructure debt worth $10.
In a typical VPF, a taxpayer agrees to sell to a counterparty (usually an investment bank) a variable number of shares on a fixed future date in exchange for an upfront cash payment.
Customers travelling in the domestic United States and Canada can now make use of a new cash payment alternative when using the carrier's web site - http://www.
Comprised of cash payment software, a computer system, an ATM and a card encoder
Silverstein has requested the cash payment for the insured property instead of making a claim for replacement costs to rebuild, according to Swiss Re, which is responsible for 22% of the claims on the center.
On the scheduled closing date, Shpak and his designee (his wife, Kaganosvskaya), demanded a cash payment of $115,000 from Nieginski which they claimed was orally agreed upon by Nieginski when the assignment deal was originally negotiated.
Genesis initially acquired a 43 percent interest and was to become sole owner at a later date, through a cash payment or the issuance of additional Genesis common shares at equivalent value.
A cash payment inducement is a payment from a landlord for a tenant's unrestricted use of the cash.
That is, they must agree to participate knowing that they will receive a cash payment in lieu of traditional services if assigned to the treatment group, but that only half of all participants will be assigned to the treatment group.
Several types of bonds enable borrowers to postpone the cash payment of interest.