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Comal County is interested in receiving proposals from qualified firms for a Land Records Recording and Cashiering System and a Vital Records Recording and Cashiering System.
Cashiering applications offer reduced cash handling, double-custody control, reduced costs for armored courier service and facilitate getting money to thew bank more quickly.
Changes in other technologies are often an impetus for colleges to move toward a cashiering solution as a replacement for cash transactions.
The company's new FAPD Automatic Cashier Terminal allows parking patrons to quickly pay for their stay by using an unmanned exit cashiering booth.
Larry Fielden, chairman of the Salt Lake County Cashiering Task Force Committee, said, "The CASHIER System is able to perform the payment processing functions needed to give our customers the service they need while consolidating our records between each of our collection areas.
In fact, more than 5,000 documents were processed through the e-STAR cashiering system the first day of operation.