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CASHIER. An officer of a moneyed institution, who is entitled by virtue of his office to take care of the cash or money of such institution.
     2. The cashier of a bank is usually entrusted with all the funds of the bank, its notes, bills, and other choses in action, to be used from time to time for the ordinary and extraordinary exigencies of the bank. He usually receives directly, or through subordinate officers, all moneys and notes of the bank delivers up all discounted notes and other securities, when they have been paid draws checks to withdraw the funds of the bank where they have been deposited; and, as the executive officer of the bank, transacts much of the business of the institution. In general, the bank is bound by the acts of the cashier within the scope of his authority, expressed or implied. 1 Pet. R. 46, 70Wheat. R. 300, 361 5 Wheat. R. 326; 3 Mason's R. 505; 1 Breese, R. 45; 1 Monr. Rep. 179. But the bank is not bound by a declaration of the cashier, not within the scope of his authority; as when a note is about to be discounted by the bank, he tells a person that he will incur no risk nor responsibility by becoming an indorser upon such note. 6 Pet. R. 51; 8 Pet. R. 12.Vide 17 Mass. R. 1 Story on Ag. Sec. 114, 115; 3 Halst. R. 1; 12 Wheat. R. 183; 1 Watts & Serg. 161.

TO CASHIER, punishment. To break; to deprive a military man of his office. Example: every officer who shall be convicted, before a general court martial, of leaving signed a false certificate relating to the absence of either officer or private soldier, or relative to his daily pay, shall be, cashiered. Articles of war, art. 14.

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The cashier listened and heard, but reluctantly and against his will.
A SCAM has emerged on Teesside in which slippery customers try to con shop cashiers out of cash.
The board is two-sided and rotates so cashiers can quickly reference more than 300 SKUs.
Their sample drew from new cashiers who had been hired for six-month trials on a government-subsidized contacts known as a Contrat de Professionnalisation, or CP--which meant they were quasi-randomly assigned managers and shifts.
If thermal paper contributes to increased uptake of BPA or its analogues, then a study of occupationally exposed individuals such as cashiers may be informative.
Both before and after working a shift, many cashiers had one or more of the chemicals in their blood and urine.
Of uniforms, shirts, blouses, ties, musznikEw, shoes, bags or backpacks, jackets and coats for employees konduktorskich teams, drivers and cashiers Employer.
A check of the security camera later showed one of the two cashiers briefly touching one of the robbers' shoulders as they walked past each other.
Today, any owner of a small or medium business can increase his/her revenue replacing cashiers, promoters, administrators and vendors by an electronic cashier.
Manama: A Saudi man who has come under intense attack for urging men to molest female cashiers to push them to quit their work has sought to distance himself from the controversy by claiming he had been misunderstood.
Police are warning store keepers and shop cashiers to be on their guard to the scam, advising that if they are asked to exchange a large amount of money, the best advice would be to suggest the customer goes to the bank.
I told him not to be defensive as it is not going to help, instead accept the mistake and go and rectify the situation by informing all cashiers about promotions.