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CASH, commerce. Money on hand, which a merchant, trader or other person has to do business with.
     2. Cash price, in contracts, is the price of articles paid for in cash, in contradistinction to the credit price. Pard. n. 85; Chipm. Contr. 110. In common parlance, bank notes are considered as cash; but bills receivable are not.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'GCash's vision is to have a cashless society leading to finance for all.
Companies too are doing their best to promote a cashless society -- earlier in the year, mobile company Rakuten started "100-percent cashless" stadia for its baseball and football teams.
"In the road toward building a cashless Philippines, we are proud to make a pit-stop at Total to enable them with world-class payment acceptance solutions that will bring not just convenience to customers but also efficiencies in their operations.
Chairman Nawaf Al Zayani said: "Today, AFS and Batelco have introduced a very convenient technology, the bWallet app, which enables users to make cashless payments and transactions with a simple press on their smartphone screens.
All over the country, from the street-food vendor in Mandaluyong to online sellers on Instagram, from food parks in Metro Manila to the biggest restaurant and coffee shop chains nationwide, more Filipinos are now reaping the benefits and convenience of everyday cashless transactions with the help of PayMaya.
Reliance Health Insurance customer with the requirement of Cancer care treatment can avail treatment on cashless basis at any of these Tata Memorial Hospitals - Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai; Tata Memorial Centre ACTREC, Kharghar; Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital, Vishakhapatnam; Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital, Varanasi; Dr.
Proponents of cashless stores tout various benefits.
Governmental and commercial entities that go cashless are alleviated from all the burden and risk of handling cash.
One of the major advantages of a cashless society is convenience in terms of ease of transactions.
The next stage of the roll-out will begin in March, with Johnstone High School, Trinity High School, Houston Primary, Bridge of Weir Primary, West Primary, Wallace Primary, St Anne's Primary, St Catherine's Primary, Bargarran Primary, St John Bosco Primary, Kilbarchan Primary, Lochwinnoch Primary and Thorn Primary all going cashless by early May 2019.
Talat Hafiz, from the Media and Banking Awareness Committee for Saudi Banks, said online or cashless transactions were part of the Vision 2030 reform plan.