cast a ballot

See: vote
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I wanted to get it out of the way,'' voter Doug Sibbald said Wednesday while waiting to cast a ballot.
Set up a statewide provisional ballot system by January 1, 2004, so that every eligible voter who goes to a polling place can cast a ballot.
What's more, because neither candidate will end up with even 50 percent of the popular vote, whoever is declared the winner will disappoint more than half of all voters (not to mention the whopping 49 percent of eligible voters who didn't bother to cast a ballot this time around).
There are people in other parts of the world (who) are dodging bullets to cast a ballot,'' Campos said.
In that election, 30 percent, or more than 19,000, of the 55,000 registered voters cast a ballot by mail.
Based on evidence from last year's special election on Measure A, in which 30 percent of the 55,000 registered voters cast a ballot during the mail-in drive, Burbank officials believe the city is ready to make the switch to the new system, even at a higher cost.