cast adrift

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They took leave of their comrades and started off on their several courses with stout hearts and cheerful countenances; though these lonely cruisings into a wild and hostile wilderness seem to the uninitiated equivalent to being cast adrift in the ship's yawl in the midst of the ocean.
The boat was cast adrift, though one of them called it a "bloody shame" with Yokohama so near.
and she followed proudly in the towing steamboat's wake: but bravest and most gallant of all, when the tow-rope being cast adrift, the canvas fluttered from her masts, and spreading her white wings she soared away upon her free and solitary course.
They know that hundreds of elderly people will be cast adrift if the unthinkable happens and the advocacy unit is forced to close.
VETERAN Gretna keeper Tony Caig has urged his young team-mates to stay strong following a defeat that raises the prospect of the SPL newcomers being cast adrift.
But after 2-0 defeat at Rochdale on Saturday, the side who had been in that crucial third-bottom position, Carlisle have been cast adrift again with the gap back to ten points.
But their ship sinks and Pi finds himself cast adrift on a lifeboat with a hyena, an orang-utan, a zebra with a broken leg and Bengal tiger.
Ipswich's win at Derby allowed Burley's men to clamber out of the drop zone for the first time since October - a remarkable turnaround given they were cast adrift at the bottom with just nine points on December 22.
Eight men and seven women refugees were cast adrift on the open seas after their boat broke down and they ran out of water.
Ten years ago Paul Weller's career was all but over, the soul boy of Style Council and politico of Red Wedge was cast adrift from his roots, his fan base and the late Thatcherite spirit of the age.
AS the new millennium dawned, 28 adults and eight children were cast adrift to fend for themselves for a whole year on a remote Scottish island.
In previous seasons clubs such as Gretna, Dunfermline and Livingston were cast adrift at the bottom early on but there's not one game you can look at today and predict a victory.