cast anchor

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The next day, the coast of Corsica was in sight but it was mid-morning before we cast anchor off Calvi.
The systems involve a cast anchor head, a cast bearing plate, and a plastic or steel structure that feeds steel wiring through to the base plate, as well as several other miscellaneous components (Fig.
He added that nearly 10,000 ships with capacities of over 1,000 tons cast anchor at Iranian ports annually.
Fisherman Michael Bruce, 39, who has a boat at Irvine Harbour, has been sailing in the Clyde for 20 years and would not have cast anchor yesterday.
A 30ft yacht cast anchor off Grand-Goave, 35 miles south-west of Port- au-Prince on Friday, and four small boats transported its cargo from Colombia to a private beach.
A Japanese icebreaker cast anchor at Tokyo port's Harumi pier Wednesday morning, returning home after a five-month government-backed Antarctic expedition.
During 1990, they cast anchor in twenty-two cities in the Old World, attracting over 2 million spectators.