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People cast around for reasons for our setbacks, which range from my supposed preoccupation with a racehorse to my signings.
You will usually come across top-drawer American comedy series like Becker - intelligently written and well cast around the ever-excellent Ted Danson, with Shawnee Smith quite outstanding - or Seinfeld, a masterpiece of ensemble playing.
The company has opened a new office in San Francisco to cast around for business on the west coast of the United States and reaped a good chunk of business from the World Expo exhibition in Hanover in northern Germany.
The 42-year-old was spotted hobbling around London on a pair of crutches with a protective cast around his lower left leg.
Division's always been rife, of course, when ruling parties seek to change the way local government is delivered, which they usually do after years in power when they have to cast around for new programmes to promote.
And he adds that he wants to "turn the tables on the knife merchants and throw the shadow of fear and paranoia that these people cast around their communities back on themselves.
Schmid spoke earlier this week about his midfield not finding 35-year-old playmaker Andreas Herzog enough, so what he did was change the entire cast around him, citing nagging injuries to sit two of his three starters.
A McAlpine spokesman said: "The approach made McAlpine very aware that they were vulnerable to a bid and they began to cast around for someone to save them from the clutches of Brunswick.
There's an ensemble cast around him and the evidence here suggests he could one day join Hollywood's A-list.
Mr Bate continued: "I suggest you've had to cast around to find a defence to these charges.
Why they will win: Jeremy Haggerty and Chad Eichten form one of the top two scoring combinations in the region, and with a fine supporting cast around them, they'll have the Cowboys flying.
I've done pretty well, but I had a pretty good supporting cast around me that's made it much easier.