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New Labour's astronomers star gaze with sufficient clarity to know they have to sell this balloney as more than an empty shell to a sceptical public which above all else wants a quality service, so they cast around for what some management consultants have told them they need most, which is a unique selling point - that some, not all, of these new-fangled super hospitals will have elected members on their governing bodies.
Tizzard, 22, who has had to wear a plastic cast around his body to stabilise his back, has now had the `corset'
The arrival of 2001 is not drawing the attention that the year 2000 did, but that's because of all the hype and fear cast around the Y2K bug petered out minutes after midnight last Jan.
The German Presidency will now have to cast around for a way of resolving this conundrum by June 21 (the last session of the General Affairs Council under its Presidency), which will coincide with the last meeting of the European Parliament's Committee on Budgets before the swearing in of the new Parliament.
Fritz The Floating Fish Fry is blitzing rainbow trout in Lancashire's Pennine Fishery at Littleborough, near Rochdale, where floodlights tempt punters to cast around the clock.
As soon as he gained the power to build, he cast around for a suitable architect, lighting in Munich upon the unlikely figure of Paul Troost, who was neither young nor notably successful, and who died before his first large projects for Hitler were complete.
The iron insert is immersed in a bath of molten aluminum and placed in the mold, where the aluminum engine block is cast around it.
The Transparency of Evil reads our mass-media Sensurround of sameness and oneness between the lines of defense cast around the AIDS crisis.
The researchers built their synthetic antibodies out of polymers, using a technique called molecular imprinting to construct a cast around a target molecule.
Louis Perzyna in Kalisz streets - Poznan 79 - required for 3-seater cast around the clock every day of the week,- Torunska 7 - the required 2-person cast around the clock every day of the week.
Cast around for the person who'll inspire my kids in anything like the same way and I can't see a likely candidate.