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Fritz The Floating Fish Fry is blitzing rainbow trout in Lancashire's Pennine Fishery at Littleborough, near Rochdale, where floodlights tempt punters to cast around the clock.
As soon as he gained the power to build, he cast around for a suitable architect, lighting in Munich upon the unlikely figure of Paul Troost, who was neither young nor notably successful, and who died before his first large projects for Hitler were complete.
The iron insert is immersed in a bath of molten aluminum and placed in the mold, where the aluminum engine block is cast around it.
The Transparency of Evil reads our mass-media Sensurround of sameness and oneness between the lines of defense cast around the AIDS crisis.
The researchers built their synthetic antibodies out of polymers, using a technique called molecular imprinting to construct a cast around a target molecule.
After a part is cast around a ceramic core, the core is leached out of the part, leaving behind a complex pattern that provides cooling passages.
Louis Perzyna in Kalisz streets - Poznan 79 - required for 3-seater cast around the clock every day of the week,- Torunska 7 - the required 2-person cast around the clock every day of the week.
Cast around for the person who'll inspire my kids in anything like the same way and I can't see a likely candidate.
And with a talented cast around him, he got to work up close with Sutherland, who played Jack Bauer in 24.
The new year has opened to talk of yet another downturn as Britain and its major trading partners cast around for ways to drive growth in their economies while struggling still to come to terms with the financial excesses of their pasts.
The show really caught the imagination of the community - with more than 200 local people involved playing soldiers, children, pea-pickers, boatmen and women - and everyone following the cast around Stratford.
But rather than admit it even to himself, he's cast around for an another reason and that's why he's blaming you.