cast aside

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There is an hour to come," said he, "when all of us shall cast aside our veils.
Before the veil of eternity be lifted, let me cast aside this black veil from your face
If any caprice of temper should induce him to cast aside this golden opportunity before he has brought it to perfection, I consider myself absolved from extending any assistance to his mother and sister.
Not improbably he was the best workman of his time; or, perhaps, the Colonel thought it expedient, or was impelled by some better feeling, thus openly to cast aside all animosity against the race of his fallen antagonist.
Let him be to thee for ever a sort of beautiful enemy, untamable, devoutly revered, and not a trivial conveniency to be soon outgrown and cast aside.
And therefore I cannot rest, I cannot be silent; therefore I cast aside comfort and happiness, health and good repute--and go out into the world and cry out the pain of my spirit
One tendency appears alike in the philosophical speculation and in the rudest democratical movements, through all the petulance and all the puerility, the wish, namely, to cast aside the superfluous and arrive at short methods; urged, as I suppose, by an intuition that the human spirit is equal to all emergencies, alone, and that man is more often injured than helped by the means he uses.
At the sound of this clear, fresh, ringing child's voice, the recluse trembled; she turned her head with the sharp, abrupt movement of a steel spring, her long, fleshless hands cast aside the hair from her brow, and she fixed upon the child, bitter, astonished, desperate eyes.
Moreover, Isidore, though the son of a leather-dresser, had had the genius to study and to cast aside his father's business and find a career in politics, which had led him to a post of eminence.
Marketing today is a moving target as we cast aside the old model and collectively fumble our way to the future.
With every position cast aside, the worry grows that the institution rescued by the taxpayer could be pushed into the hands of an owner whose first objective will be to axe even more.
They endured hardships fighting in our wars by our side and they deserve better than to be cast aside like human garbage.