cast aside

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And it looks as though he will cast aside referenda on elected mayors with voting on the idea after they are in place.
5 : to lose or cast aside (a natural covering or part) <The dog is shedding hair.
Lievremont has had an indifferent first 12 months, but they could be cast aside if Les Bleus were to complete a November Test clean sweep with a victory over the Wallabies.
Dear Editor, Your anonymous correspondent is very wide of the mark when he contends that Michael Parkinson should refuse his knighthood (Little honour as principles are cast aside Post Agenda).
Weeks later, Cap Cana and Deutsche Bank "circumvented Praxi, cast aside the bidding process, and ceased working with Praxi," the developer said.
Daunte Culpepper was angry at the way he was treated by Miami last season, when he was soon cast aside as he struggled to recuperate after a major knee injury.
VETERAN screen siren Sofia Loren has promised to cast aside her bus pass - and everything else - if Napoli seal promotion back to Serie A.
5-liter engine has been cast aside for the E-Class, although those with a hankering for force-fed power can still get 5.
Porthmadog cast aside memories of Saturday's Welsh Premier horror show against Aberystwyth with an emphatic League Cup Group A victory.
Long regarded as second-class citizens by the life insurance industry, even though they found solutions for cases the mainline companies cast aside, the BGAs morphed into sophisticated back-room operations that allowed the companies to shed the cost of expensive support services.
The DNC declined to make Dean available to The Advocate to comment on this story, but spokesman Damien LaVera says there is no concentrated effort to cast aside outspoken candidates who favor same-sex marriage or take other controversial stands.