cast aspersions

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Indeed, I don't want to cast aspersions, but it's just as well to have no illusions.
It is the height of duplicity to praise the judges for sentencing their political opponents but cast aspersions on them when they reject the argument given by one's counsel.
These remarks are demoralizing and cast aspersions on the system.
This is not intended to cast aspersions on the efficiency and performance (read over-efficiency) of the investigators.
He deplored that the administration did not follow in letter and spirit that notification and those with vested interests tried to cast aspersions on the locals.
I also thought it was improper to let a nonresource speaker speak before the hearing and let the individual cast aspersions against personalities and then ask the committee to look for evidence to support the unsubstantiated claims,' Hontiveros said.
Singh has cast aspersions on the aggrieved father saying "I doubt how the girl died.
The above report is totally false, baseless and nothing more than an attempt to cast aspersions on the integrity of the Finance Minister and FBR and to bring them to disrepute.
Staley had tried to identify a complainant after the complainant cast aspersions on a new recruit.
He said while India has cast aspersions on Pakistan, it continues to sponsor terrorism in Pakistan directly through its state apparatus.
The party has cast aspersions on the integrity of two senior judges who have worked meticulously for four years to uncover what exactly happened around the arms procurement process.
They seem to be going out of their way to cast aspersions on what she's had to say," Wishart said.