cast away

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Summary: Tom Hanks has starred in many iconic films in the past 30 years, but when pushed to name his favourite, he said it was Cast Away.
And on Friday, pupils from Waterville Primary will be restoring their Cast Away garden with the help of staff and volunteers at the centre.
TODAY'S MOVIES Cast Away (Sky Movies Drama & Romance, 8.
Not since Sam Rockwell discovered the terrifying secrets of Moon or Tom Hanks found himself a Cast Away with only a volleyball for company, has the entire weight of a film rested on one actor's shoulders.
Cast Away, which starred Tom Hanks, topped a poll by Lovefilm.
Cast Away, which starred Tom Hanks as the modernday Robinson Crusoe and "Wilson" the volleyball as his only companion, came top of the poll in a survey of more than 2,000 film fans.
While he asks the reader to cast away his prejudices before starting the book, Fischer is still left with his own.
Its recent credits have included Cast Away, Band of Brothers and The Ant Bully.
Any interested in true history and drama will find THE COLONY: THE HARROWING TRUE STORY OF THE EXILES OF MOLOKAI is history at its best: the story of an infamous American leprosy settlement begun on the Hawaiian island with the arrival of twelve men and women and a child cast away to the island prison in the mid-1800s.
Being A true Relation of certain English persons, Who in the dayes of Queen Elizabeth, making a Voyage to the East India, were cast away, and wracked upon the Island near to the Coast of Terra Australis, Incognita, and all drowned, except one Man and four Women, whereof one was a Negro.
The heart-warming tale set against the grim backdrop of the miners' strike beat US rivals Cast Away, The Sixth Sense, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Dr Dolittle.
Fishing is certainly among New York's top recreational offerings, and I encourage everyone to cast away by picking up a rod and reel and heading to any number of our state's beautiful waters this year.