cast back

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DOWN: As house prices in America continue their descent, market watchers are having to cast back ever further for gloomy comparisons.
Leaving by Train: The platform, long and black against the green/Surrounding hills, shines with pools of rain/That cast back the clearing sky in cold, Uncertain blues.
And to think they were ballyhooing Madonna and the play's New York cast back in 1988.
4 Telescope Casual's Alfresco collection highlights ornate detailing on the cast back of the bistro chair.
I think you have to cast back to the New Deal and the formation of the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1934 -- a reaction to the excesses of the 1920s' stock market bubble -- to find a comparable analogy The fact that the latest legislation drew widespread bipartisan support (though, of course, after considerable posturing and horse trading) and was speedily signed by the President gives it a lot of momentum.
But Scolari also knows that he is one German defeat away from being cast back into the villain's role.
Yet the speakers from which the voices emanated were nestled in a large, cheerfully glittering mosaic made from shards of mirrored glass set into plaster: The uneven reflecting-puzzle cast back a glimpse of you and your sur roundings that was as fragmented and uninformative as the overheard dialogue but sparkled as if in spite of it.
Although they have been cast back to the Stone Age physically, they are equipped with 21st-century expertise and the natural resources to begin again and establish a new hub for the industrialized world.
McArthur's latest book returns to the universe she mapped-out in 'Time Future', and features Commander Halley, who has been cast back in time from the future into an unfamiliar world.
Scott Stuber, president, production, said: "It was also essential to have the entire original cast back this time, and we're all extremely grateful for their hard work, given their very busy schedules, and also for everything they've done to help promote the film.
Then naturally, I cast back to those last years I drank, alone nights at the kitchen sink, bathrobed, my head hatching snakes,
The protagonist, cast back in time as the young Frank McCourt, inches forward like a prizefighter, who receives repeated hard blows, but through the ability to take a punch and come back for more, gradually manages to tip the balance in his favor.