cast back

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Left, the cast back in the late 90s and, above, Hermione Norris with her Wire In The Blood co-star Robson Green
Houghton cheered from the stands at the Millennium Stadium when Hull won the cup in 2005 but inevitably his mind was cast back to 2013 in the immediate aftermath of his greatest moment.
When finished, toss the chamber cast back into the vessel where-in it was melted to await remelting and taking of the next chamber cast.
There will be the occasional thoughts being cast back to "I wonder what happened to old Chalky White on HMS Rustybucket?
Carsen's bonus number saw the entire cast back on stage wearing yellow rain coats and twirling umbrellas as they gleefully splashed in puddles; in the end, they brought the house down in torrents of applause.
Tenders are invited for Bushing Flanged Bearing Cast Back Platelube Oil Pump.
There will be such brutal cutbacks in services and welfare that Britain will be cast back to the 1930s.
Middlesbrough Town Hall business development manager Rob Guest said: "It will be great to welcome Cast back to the Town Hall - John Power performed here many times with The La's and Cast in the 90s.
If we fail we are looking at an almost unthinkable scenario where antibiotics no longer work and we are cast back into the dark ages of medicine where treatable infections and injuries will kill once again.
Sweeping through decades to bring the cast back to a midlife reunion, the author portrays how disappointments in marriage, loss, children, and other events shaped the group.
So I modified the cast to where I could put a sock on my hand, wrap it in an Ace bandage, and then put the cast back on over that, with some tape to hold it all together.
Layton and her ensemble cast back to perform in the festival the following two years.