cast doubt

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O'Sullivan has won the title in the two previous years the event has been held, but he has now cast doubt on his participation after he told fans on Twitter that he had no plans to take part in the tournament.
DOUBTS: Kevin Keegan has cast doubt on David Beckham's Premier League credentials
Mehmanparast slammed her, saying Clinton's comments cast doubt on the validity of the leaked cables.
Some writers have attempted to cast its creators as committed communists, but post-perestroika scholarship has cast doubt on that interpretation.
Because it is a fact not open to irrefutable proof--like say two and two equal four-although it is altogether likely that advanced mathematicians can cast doubt even on that modest proposal.
The social fundamentalists in the United States, a nation founded on the principles of separation of church and state, secularism in government to avoid religious tyranny and freedom of religion, have cast doubt upon the "theory" of evolution and have begun to slowly introduce a veiled form of creationism back into public education.
The analysts contend that the inconsistencies in the data, the low absolute values of the odds ratios and "severe methodological limitations" (which they outline in their report) cast doubt on the association between pill use and stroke risk, particularly in young women who do not smoke or have high blood pressure.
It's rare that people in the media ever cast doubt on any of the stories that they report, but the reality is that those of us who put together this magazine each month are somewhat at the mercy of our sources.
Joseph Guzman's findings cast doubt on the value of bilingual instruction as practiced in America's schools.
Despite the fact that it may be unintended, articles like this one cast doubt, raise fears, and damage the beneficial use effort by making a mountain out of a mole hill.
The computer simulation cast doubt on the accuracy of the melt probes by predicting much higher melt temperatures than the sensors showed.
It does this, the release says, in answer to the small number of persons who have sought to cast doubt on the firm commitment of this Archdiocese to the life and welfare of all unborn human beings.