cast doubt upon

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He sought to cast doubt upon Paine's testimony, but proceedings deteriorated quickly owing to his failure initially to have the relevant reports to hand for reference and increasing technical issues that led to panel chairman Brian Barker putting a stop to his giving evidence.
London: Mauricio Pochettino says he has forgiven Danny Rose for comments that criticised Tottenham Hotspur's lack of transfer activity and cast doubt upon his own future, and has stressed that he wants the left-back to stay at White Hart Lane.
And reports claimed an Uber exec obtained the medical records of a woman raped by an Uber driver in India, allegedly to cast doubt upon the victim's account.
Binay said that while Roxas' protest had not progressed, he continued to cast doubt upon the elections based on his conjectures, which are also trumpeted in media, that the [election system] was not reliable and its integrity has been compromised.
What the Protestant has done is to cast doubt upon the credibility of the elections based on his surmises and conjectures, which are also trumpeted in media, that the automated election system (AES) was not reliable and that its integrity has been compromised," Binay stressed.
I am concerned that Alun Davies, Minister for Natural Resources and Food, now seems to cast doubt upon the prime importance of food production.
A split in Greece's governing coalition over how to shrink the country's public sector has cast doubt upon Athens' ability to meet the demands of its bailout programme.
Because all foreign legal systems can be argued to be 'inconsistent' with our state and federal constitutions, [the new legislation] would needlessly cast doubt upon important legal instruments including wills, trusts, marriage and divorce decrees and contracts that involve foreign law.
After The Economist questioned Nizam and a Dhaka daily, Amar Desh, published his private e-mails to Ziauddin, which cast doubt upon his role and upon the court proceedings, he resigned.
Cook in a letter he wrote that went before a judge in 1995, gaining Haase and Bennett their reduced sentence, said: I had no reason whatsoever to doubt the veracity of the information which they [Haase and Bennett] were providing, nor did anyone else provide me with any information which in any way cast doubt upon the veracity of that information.
But I will not sit quietly while lies are being spread - even more so if they cast doubt upon my professionalism.